Hello world!

Happy reading! Well, maybe, if I can get past the initial writing phase. It’s hard to find quiet time, quiet time that isn’t filled up with dishes, laundry, cleaning the floors, or getting lost in facebook-land when I should be doing those things. Oh, and more importantly (though too often I seem to put it last) trying to make prayer and scripture reading more important, a regular part of my day, part of the flow.

Right now, I’m trying to edit the photos I took at a wedding yesterday (as a guest, not as the photographer) while the dishes and dirty table are calling my name. I had a laps of judgement this morning and got donuts from Safeway to go with the breakfast sandwiches. We need something serious and unprocessed to counteract (or at least not compound) breakfast. Hmmmm…rice? baked potatoes? soup? I’ll figure that out later. Our littlest one is sleeping in his swing, which gives me time, but not nearly as much time as I can kill sitting here, acting like there isn’t a pile of folded laundry at my feet and another pile spread across the couch, making it very un-usable. 

Now, my beloved, who works nights, has headed off to work for the day, with a few errands to do on the way. He had to run back home because he forgot the slacks he has to return from the wedding he was in yesterday.  As I handed them in to him, through his open Jeep window, I smiled, saying: “Every time we go to a wedding, I’m glad that I married you”. Married happiness is a choice I have decided to make on a daily basis. A friend and I were talking at the wedding yesterday. I was asking him about his dating/married status since we don’t see each other much. “Ehhh…It’s hard to find a woman..” “To love you enough to put up with your faults?” “Yeah”.   Yes, that’s hard, so when you find that person, it’s important to not give up the fight easily, or at all.

So, the next meal is calling my name, a dozen things have happened and have called me away (potty training a two year old does not wait til I’m ready to get up), being told of a death in the family, connecting with another family member, raising children, watching one fall asleep on the couch beside me.

So, I say: Good bye for now.


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