As a mom of 4, and a pet owner, I find myself suspicious of puddles. With a two year old busy trying not to potty train, and two kittens who think a litter box is not enough, I find myself not assuming someone spilled their drink, but that someone lost control of something else.

Even outside, with the temperature at a hundred four, and not a cloud in sight for a good week, puddles are a sign that somebody has been playing in the pool, draining it of its contents one bucket at a time. In that instance, the perpetrator tends to be covered in wetness down the front which is easily solved by little more time outside.

Right now I’m doing a nap time staredown, which I keep for the resistance sleepers. Two of the four kids needing naps do not wish to give in to sleep despite yawning their way through lunch. So, I sit here in the rocking chair, baby on my lap, like I have nothing better to do.

For some reason the older kids only go so long with out looking for me to ask me for something or tattle or just because, which doesn’t help the napping situation at all.

Which brings me back to puddles, and the potty-training two year old who is supposed to be sleeping (in underwear) but is fighting sleep, and potty training, which will no doubt result in puddles.


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