Nemo and late nights

“FISHY! Why are you sleeping!!!?!?!” (From the movie Finding Nemo)

That’s how I feel, except the opposite. The picture is of another night, a night where he was sleeping. I shouldn’t really complain because I think he is finally sleeping now, but those last few minutes of making jam? No, he wasn’t sleeping then.  There I was in my quiet, in my zone, stirring jam, thinking that now was not a good time for my right hand to cramp, and as I was approaching the last few jars with the ladle full of jam, I started to hear the ear piercing cry of our 5 month old, from the crib, in the other room, behind a closed door. Good luck and bad luck. At least I was done. Then there was the frantic lidding of the jars while trying not to spill the molten contents on my hands, yet being careful to clean the tops of each one before I placed the lids and bands on them, all the while hoping that he was not waking his three siblings, with whom he shares a room most of the time. Why most of the time? Because the bassinet is still in the living room. It never made it from the living room (where he was born) to our bedroom. He’s been sleeping right along side the rest of us going about our day to day since day one, that is, except tonight, and that one other night, but mostly sleeping. So, after some frantic eating, he’s tucked into his bassinet (don’t want to chance waking the rest of them) and I’m hoping to turn in too for some much needed sleep. I’m exhausted.

Who am I kidding? He’s a good baby. So, I may get a few sleepless nights, I may get awoken by the sound of screeching (best description of his cry) now and then, or have my peaceful canning made less peaceful from time to time, but it’s worth it. He’s worth it. Each one of our kids has brought something to our house and to our family, some gift from God that changes us, challenges us, and (if we are willing) makes us better. I’m excited to see what he will do in our family and how his gift will change us.

So, for now, I’m going to bed. Morning comes early, as do the twins, and I must be ready to handle whatever the day brings.


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