Ending my days as a food waster.

Okay, so I looked for a picture of the chickens to share with this post but strangely couldn’t find one. Weird.

So, I am a life long food waster.

“Hello. My name is Danielle and I regularly waste food, which is one of the reasons that I got chickens.”

I’m a bit ashamed. I feel badly about it. Work was put in to creating that food. Money was spent on the food. My hunny works hard to earn that money. In my estimation, something really needs to change. Justifying my wasting by saying that the food that goes bad and takes on zombie status is going to the chickens is not good enough.

So, how do I change this? I’m taking small steps. One of the steps I am taking it to use my freezer better. It’s one thing to freeze chicken stock (up the wazoo) but it’s time to start dicing and cutting up my peppers and onions and freezing them too. I can easily scoop some frozen goodness out of the freezer and no more guilt about peppers (which I love to cook with) going bad while they wait for me to get to them. Now, if I could remember to use all of the chicken stock up out of the freezer, I would have room for more brilliant ideas.

By the by, we are having Denver Omelets for breakfast.


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