Where did summer go?

Seems like just yesterday I was dreading the onslaught of children with nothing better to do than wander the streets in front of my house, riding their bikes fishing poles in hand, getting into mischief because, well, school’s out. My baby was new, barely doing more than waking, eating and sleeping. When I was on the front step today, I saw a boy riding by on his bike and realized those days are soon to be over, at least for this year. My new baby, who is now 6 months old, is rolling around in his crib, waiting for me to release him from his prison of sleep. Where, oh where did summer go?

Now I’m here with my 3 year old, waiting for our cookie dough to chill. It’s taking a bit of practice but I’m learning to let him help me, to break down the tasks to little things that allow each of the kids to be part of what I’m doing. We’re preparing for the first grade with her at six-years-old and that’s a little intimidating but I’m pretty excited to be homeschooling our kids, kid for now. Our almost 4 year old gets to go to preschool where his sister went to preschool, starting next week, which is kind of scary for me. It’s going to be a good change for him to get away from Mom, to learn a little bit of behavior with other kids-stuff without me around too.

I’m also trying to modify my own behavior, to stop letting the TV take care of the kids, but to be willing to sit down and read with the kids even if I don’t feel like I have the time because when I do it it’s worth the time. Today we started the Tree House Club, I think its called, and the first book is about dinosaurs which is super exciting for our almost 4 year old. The big girls like it too, which helps but now to figure out how to keep the two-year-old involved.

I realize it’s time for me to stop putting off things that need to be done, to run to the day, not drag my feet, but to see what I can really accomplish when I make the choice that barely making it is not enough. So, now I’m sad to see the summer end, while at the same time, I’m excited to see what this new chapter in our life will bring about.

Ha ha! When I was a kid, I thought being 30 was old, little did I know that 35 would still be so young. Well, I’m off to it, to get stuff done, to work on being the mom I want to be, to help my children be the best people they can be, support my husband even when that means putting away his laundry, to do some sewing for therapy, lots and lots of laundry, sweep some floors, and spend some time petting the dog. Have a good night.


One thought on “Where did summer go?

  1. It’s funny I have had so much going on this summer I didn’t notice it going by…and, boy and I ready for school to start. But today it hit me that’s a week away and then I’ll be alone during the day…


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