Through a Lense of Hate

What I have come to understand is that it doesn’t matter what I say, if the person I’m talking to has already decided how I feel about the issue at question. If I say I don’t like that person (for whatever reason I have) but the person I’m talking to has already decided that I am racist (for being a conservative, let’s say), then they can decide that my reason for not liking the person is because of their skin color, when in fact I don’t care what color anyone is, I care about who they are and what they do and their character, like Martin Luther King dreamed of. I see so much of the news today, so many of the Yahoo headlines proclaiming this person or that a hater because of some supposed quote of theirs but if I go back and listen or read what that person actually said, and knowing a bit about the person, I often come away with a different understanding of what was said and what was meant.

Headlines, it all seems to come down to headlines. What headline can get the most clicks, even if the headline and its content don’t reflect reality. I hear a lot about Trump hating illegal immigrants because he doesn’t want open borders and the criminals that come with it, and foolish people feel that bringing up his two foreign wives actually makes him a hypocrite. The problem is not immigration, the problem is illegal. There’s a very big distinction and the point he’s making is very real, however, some people would rather label him a hater and write him off then deal with the real issues at hand. Don’t take this as a blanket endorsement of Trump, I would really prefer to vote for someone more authentically conservative and Christian, dare I say, but if it comes down to Trump or Hillary, I won’t hesitate to vote for Trump and pray that it all goes okay.

But back to the point, people who decide that supporting Trump makes me an angry hater, yet I’m neither angry nor a hater, nor a supporter of Trump, by the way. It is because I won’t completely trash him and bad mouth him, that some might call me a supporter (go Ted Cruz!!!), but that doesn’t matter to many. If they decide that Trump equals hate and I support Trump, then I must hate. Hate, I don’t hate, other than getting a raisin instead of a chocolate chip in a cookie when I thought one was the other, I do hate that. But people, I don’t tend to hate people. Some I don’t like, some I visualize whacking in the throat, some I would just really rather never see, but hate, no I don’t hate very many people or very many things, just spiders.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to take the time to understand who people are and where they are coming from, to understand what they are saying in light of their personal experiences, to not take things personally that are not intended that way. It takes a lot of work to try to understand what is really being said and done, but to me it is important. When I look at the liberal media, at most media, I don’t see a lot of effort being put into authentic and truthful journalism. I see a lot of headlines that are intended to draw a crowd and to distract people from reality. How many people are willing to look past the Planned Parenthood debacle, with those horrible videos showing what really occurs there, because it doesn’t fit the narrative that they want to hear or see? It’s not a pretty picture. I don’t want that to be reality, but I’m not willing to live like it’s not what’s really happening. I’m not willing to to live by Auschwitz with the mass killing of Jews and say nothing. How much better am I then the German people, especially the German soldiers who fought for Hitler knowing what was going on, if I stand by and allow for the continuation of abortion? How can I sit here and allow Planned Parenthood to continue knowing how many babies they murder? I find it shocking and sad that pro-abortion people label the pro-life movement as haters and as angry people, yet I do not see myself that way. The people that I know (personally) in the pro-life movement and the pro-life healing movement, are some of the kindest, gentlest, most forgiving people that I have ever met, yet according to the liberal media, they are the problem.

With the people in the pro-life/pro-life healing movement, they have either personally experienced the pain of abortion or know someone who has, and rather than sit by as more and more people get hurt, they are trying to stop future people from being damaged by abortion, while also trying to help those who have been through an abortion be set free from their pain.  These people, these people that I know show love to others, but because the narrative the main stream media wants to push says that the anti-abortion movement is filled with hateful-Christian types, than that is what it must be.

I must wrap up because, kids, four of them and I’m their mother and must take care of them.  I wish I had more time to work through my thoughts on this and share them, but I don’t. So I conclude with, don’t be fooled by people who translate what they see through a lense of hate, who want you to see others as horrible. My neighbors, liberal and conservation, libertarians or not caring, are not haters, or hateful, that I have experienced.  It’s time for us to take the time to look at the people involved, look at who is pushing the narrative, take the time to look for facts and evidence, and no longer accept what we are told on television or radio at face value. We must test the veracity of their words and not let Republican or Democrat groups tell us who the other side is. We must let the actions of each group speak for themselves. I can’t hear how awful a group is and just accept it. I must put out effort to find out who and what a group really is. You must too, you must too, if we want to change our society for the better.

Good Night.


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