Been gone…

Sorry that I’ve been gone. Well, really I’m home but my computer is dying. It sounds like a Bowing 747 landing (might be a slight exaggeration) whenever I turn it on, like now. Honestly, I can’t concentrate enough to write with that happening and some of the thoughts (and blog posts I want to write) are too much to write on a phone where auto correct fixes things like when I’m typing the name “Ted” and it thinks it’s really supposed to be “yes”.  What the heck?  Also, the kids all seem to be suffering from a case of the naughties or just the inability to control themselves. Seriously?

My husband does have a new fan for this computer, but the time to put it in seems to be illusive. I suggested to him that I might be able to get it in with that new hammer I found out in the wood pile (weird?). He didn’t think my idea was as good as I did. Men.

I do hope to soon be able to get back to my posts: “Will the real journalists please stand up, please stand up?” and “My dad had a hard time saying ‘I love you’ but it’s okay”.  I’m sure both will be riveting, if I get a chance to complete them.

For now, this is my post before this computer flies away.


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