Yes, I am a Christian

Don’t put me on a pedestal, for I am just me. Don’t think that I am a Christian because I think I am perfect; know that I am a Christian, or rather seek Christ because I am broken and need healing. Don’t think that I proclaim Christ’s teachings to push you down or make you feel bad about yours, I preach Christ because seeking Him has brought me the peace that I so desire and shown me what I want to be and can be through His grace. Don’t think that the Jesus symbol on my shirt or the decal on the back of my car are there to remind you that you are a sinner, because they are there to remind me that I am and that I need to be a witness to Jesus whom I serve. It is not out of hubris and pride that I say that I am a Christian, it is with great humility for I know who I am with all of my failings and yet Christ accepts me. Yes yes, I am a Christian.


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