Surviving Childhood: Equality for All

I wrote before about my Dad. One of the greatest treasures my parents, but particularly my Dad, gave us was that of equal treatment. I hear people talk about the war on women and I just laugh. Not in our home growing up. Yes girls had their roles and so did boys, but work needed done, and we didn’t have time to wait for boys to be handy.

I remember going to trapper’s fur sales with my dad and siblings (because my dad was a trapper) and having all the old guys tell us they would rather have us girls help than the boys because each of us was worth 2 of the boys.

As an adult, talking with my dad, he once apologized that he treated us like boys, but he needed the help and we were all he had. I assured him that I was thankful for being treated like one of the boys because I knew, without a doubt, that there was nothing I couldn’t do.

My mom was always there, a feminine influence, pushing and teaching us how to be domestic. Can I say, she taught us how to be girls?  There is nothing wrong with being taught girl roles and boy roles, in fact it’s healthy, it gives us an anchor point, but there is also nothing wrong with not limiting people based on what is out of their control. I learned how to be strong and weak from both of my parents. There is a time for both.

I think that our parents (they aren’t just mine, I have 4 older living siblings) were pretty amazing, and considering everything they went through, they did pretty well.



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