From the Hill Top

Wow. The view. From up here, I can see down the valley at the changing colors, mist rising from the trees, the clouds rushing across the sky. I’m awash with emotions. I cannot find the words to describe how I feel.


This isn’t the first time I’ve “started running” only to stop the second day in, except this time I have years of desire driving me, that and the effects of carrying and delivering four babies, which is hard on a body.  Plus, I’ve been reading about diastasis recti and it’s long term effect if not addressed, and I’m pretty sure that I have that and need to make changes accordingly.

(If interested, here is a good link to start with: )


I started running last Sunday, not yesterday but the week before Sunday, and ran for 5 days before having to take 2 days off due to not feeling well one day and the husband going to work early the next.  It turns out the two days were good days to take a break as today I was ready to run, not dreading it like I had on Wednesday.

My run is short, so far, but I plan on conquering a much steeper hill soon and want to work up to it. I want to enjoy my trip up, not spend the time on top breathing deeply while watching my life flash past my eyes. If you think I’m exaggerating, you should ask my bestie what I looked like after walking from her wedding ceremony location at the bottom of a hill (another hill) to up where the reception was to be. Nearly. Died.  That’s ridiculous. On the actual day of her wedding, I was going to walk up the hill after the ceremony and this kid she had helping them (who had also been there the day I had come to see the location) insisted that he give me a drive up the hill because (and I quote): “I’ve seen you walk this hill before and you were not happy.”  Um, that moment was funny. The fact that I felt like I was going to die while walking up the hill, was not. And, since Mount David is calling to me through the window while I do dishes ten thousand times every day.  I hope to show pictures soon (ish) taken from the top of the mountain (okay, it’s a hill).


For now, you’ll have to just look at the hill from where I see it and pictures of me not on it.

The hill in question:

Good Night all!


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