Burning to Run and Running to Burn

Sigh.  Yesterday never happened. Well, the day happened but not my run. Maybe I needed the extra rest day. My knees are hurting. Today it occurred to me that I might be landing too hard when I try to run down hill, so I tried to focus on landing light. Also, I tried to focus on picking up my knees and lengthening my stride.  I’ve been struggling to just pick up my feet. I want to be there, I want to move, but my legs, my legs to don’t want to pick up the pace. Slow and steady. My run-walk-jog might not be impressive but at least I made it out on the hill, at least I had my moments of quiet to “hear my own thoughts” which can be hard to do during the day with 4 of my own running around, plus whatever extra kids I am watching that day.


I’m thankful that my run is so inspiring


It was such a beautiful day today.image

What do the wispy clouds mean? Whatever they mean, they look beautiful.




Except me. I get to enter here too!


The view from the top. Deep breath here.image

So, what has finally motivated me to work my way to the top of hill? A friend. I don’t want to lessen the input and encouragement of any of my friends and family who have offered to help me get in to shape, but it was one conversation that tipped the scale for me.

My sister has encouraged me for years, helping me to go to the gym for a while. Another friend and I like to take our walk and talks, walks that take us all over town and back again. It’s crazy, we are crazy and I love that friendship.

What pushed me to start this time?  Mount David does call to me every day as I do dishes, and I want to stand up there, on the top of that hill. But it was a late night phone call and some messaging.  One of my friends offered to come to my house so we could walk, if that would help me get out. I found myself thinking that, if she could drive here in the middle of her day, stop everything, just to help motivate me out the door, why couldn’t I get up and get out on my own. As much as I love my friends and would enjoy more time visiting, what I really need every day is kid-free, free-thought, quiet time. Honestly, it helps me to be a better mom. I leave feeling all the frustrations of being needed and swarmed by loud, sticky, mini-me’s and mini-hubbies. I love those sticky, little people, but, sometimes, I need a moment to let my frustrations hit the pavement.  Also, it’s a good, daily reminder opportunity to thank my husband for the part he plays in my run: watching the sticky ones. I let him know it’s 2, then I hit the door and cross the road.  I’ve even come home with craft ideas that we have done, for real, yo.

(Lindsey Stirling is serenading me with that song about shopping second-hand (on YouTube) right now, at least that’s what I’m blaming the ‘yo’ on.)

Goals? Everyone needs a goal and my goals are as follows:

Be able to run without feeling like death.

Climb Mount David (and not feel like death)

Be one of those people that runs around town with a smile on their face. (I currently don’t smile while I run.)

Be healthier and more motivated

*** Look less like I’m in the process of dying while I run

I’m am very thankful to Jenna for encouraging me to take this next step. I’m already doing this longer than I ever have before, so I feel like there is hope. Also, I don’t want to go back to before I had a release from my daily frustrations. Attempting to run is a very good release. (Set me free, baby!)

I’m off to make some tea and then I hope to come back so I can write a post about what I consider to be “getting healthy”.  Hope to share with you again soon.

Love to all!


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