Mom Failure Days

Today is what I like to call a mom failure day. One of those days where I feel plagued by the feelings of failure, and I know I can’t sit down, because if I do I might  just  cry and get nothing done all day. So on mom failure days, I constantly push myself from one thing to the next. Today, when all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV, I’m making ham and cheese roll for my husband and taquitos that I can freeze so he can take them for lunch on another day, and trying to push the laundry through, and trying to sweep and mop, and doing just enough dishes so that I have dishes because, quite frankly, they’re pushing me over the edge.
This is the life I chose, but in my dreams I found myself doing more sewing and baking and game playing with my kids then dishes and laundry and cleaning and crying as I wonder where my sanity went. So, today, as I struggle through my day I’ll be praying for your day and for my day and for tomorrow to be a better day.

In Christ, Dani


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