Sometimes waiting for tomorrow makes for moldy memories.

I’ll cry later. Right now I’m busy throwing away the remnants of my trip to Italy, fresh out of high school, still wet behind the ears. Thankfully, my photos from the trip were not also in that Rubbermaid tub of my memories.

Needing to move the dog’s kennel has driven me to need to move a tub half filled with


papers of childhood, and even the halter for one of my 4-H lambs. But as I pulled the halter out of the box and as it pulled through layers of papers and books, the smell of mold came with it. At one point this tub had sat outside because I thought it had nothing of importance in it so I thought I could deal with it later. Foolishly, when I brought it into the house, I did not then sort it as I kept thinking that I would come back to it tomorrow. Now that it is wet and muggy outside again, about two years later, I need to move the dog kennel back by the back door and that tub is in my way. The first moldy thing that I found is a bag containing all of the papers left over from my trip to Italy. They are so wet and black with mold that there is no point in me trying to figure out what’s left of them, so I threw them away in their entirety. My mom likes to say that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Apparently, I have plans for my failure. I have discovered, however, all my math homework for my senior year in high school is still fine. Oh joy. I suppose that will make good fire starter for the backyard fire that I need to do.
There are so many times in my life where I put off doing something because I fear it is a large project and it overwhelms me, only to find when I finally get to it that either it really was not so large or I waited till it was all for naught. I am hoping that not all is lost, and by all I mean things that I want still, not like my homework from 1998. One win is the note I found from my sister for proclaiming me the favorite sister and telling me not to tell our other sister. That is, of course, in jest but it’s a fun find. Also, I found a magazine with quilt patterns that I want, and what looks like a cross-stitch pattern of different cats which could be fun. Also not ruined is a journal used to document my trip to Italy. I look forward to reading that and hopefully, someday, putting the journal and pictures I took in Italy together. But, alas, I find myself doubting that I will get beyond hoping and setting up another mess for later.
I will keep you all, dear readers, informed of any more great finds.


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