Momma, why did you make it look so easy?

Growing up, we celebrated every season. We had a box or two of decorations for each time of year. We looked forward to preparing the house for decorating and for what each time of year would mean. It all seems so effortless and easy, a place for everything and everything in its place. As a single adult I carried on that tradition to some extent but recently I’ve come to realize how much work is involved in preparing for holiday celebrations. Now I find myself wanting to know, mama, why did you make it look so easy?

Some days I struggle to get through a normal day with three meals, bath time, snack, mom time, loving them time, snuggle time, listening time, laundry time, time-time, etc., can I find myself wondering just how did mama do it. I know we all played our part doing the dusting and the sweeping and vacuuming and the setting up of the Christmas village, but still, my mom had to make it happen. She had to store things for each season in a place where they could be found. She had to collect things for each season. She had to make getting each season up important and to get us to help. I remember not enjoying the cleaning but loving the decorating. I suppose, with our oldest only being 6, that holiday prep will get easier as they get older and more helpful, but today I’m wondering how she did it all and why and how she made it look so easy.


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