That Thing You Do

My mom did it again, that thing she does, buy me a book or mention an article that highlights some flaw in my life. Oh yay! Let’s celebrate, there’s a book for that.  No, but really, there is.  When I was younger and more self-righteous, I would get my feelers hurt, and I would reject the offering on principle.  While my mom has taught me some interpersonal behaviors that have been rejected in my married life, she has also taught me many wonderful behaviors.  At some point I learned that even though the delivery may lack some, well, delivery, her heart is well placed, and, darn it, she’s often right. (Shhhhh, don’t tell her.)

So, tonight, after all the crazy, the dishes, the separating toddlers in a death match over the current “Ruby-dog” toy, failed meal times, 4-year-old-boy-tantrums that cause him to melt into a puddle on the floor, my husband heading off for work (and leaving me with all this), tears, and more tears, I sat down with the pile of books she bought me “because they were on sale and seemed like something I might like (or need)”.  I’m putting off the book on procrastination. I think that one can wait.

“Beyond Time-Out” called to me with the secondary title “From Chaos to Calm”. Hey, have you been watching? Who told you? I started to read the introduction, and that’s as far as I got because Little-Miss-Six-And-So Helpful was not appreciating this being her night time book. I can tell you that the small part that I did get to read of Beth Grosshans’s book seems to be just what I need, if I ever get to sit down again. Dang it. Mom might have been on to something again.

Now that the children (Number 3 made the stealthy escape from the bedroom and was on the couch next to Miss-Six for about 5 minutes before she realized she had company) are actually in bed, I have things to do before bed. My reading time was wasted spent bonding with my girl that feels left out more days than not. So, maybe I didn’t get very far in this helpful book, but I will, eventually (probably when Mr. Four is graduating and hopefully through his tantrum stage) and I had more timely things to do. DSC_2841

Tonight the tea and the hefty file of photos call to me. Good night. I hope to update you on this book when I get past, well, the introduction.




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