When I write

It was a dark and stormy night somewhere else. Here it was calm , though it is getting colder outside. Speaking of cold, it is the time of year when I will have to check the temperature to see if I need to bring the rabbit water bottles in at night and then I’ll need to have a light on the chicken house. I enjoy winter, the fires, the holidays, the rainy days when I can sit and watch the rain come down while reading a book. I don’t always enjoy some of the extra work, the wet farm work, however I would not change Western Oregon winters for any other.

Once upon a time I lived in frigid North Dakota (which was magical in it’s icy, whiteness for at least 6 months a year, it seemed) and also enjoyed those winters but family was so far away in the North West that I moved home, leaving the magical, white, winter world behind me.

Sometimes I miss having a real winter with it’s cold and Brrrr, but then I also have 4 kids now, and bundling them up for all of that cold would be intimidating, I’m sure.


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