To the Mount(ain) Top

I did it! Well, we did it. Those 3 and me. We took the hill. We conquered it. We made it our…play place. Okay. I’m getting carried away.  Oldest son (coming in at age 4) practically ran the whole way up. Oldest daughter (the 6 year old chatter box) struggled a bit, but, as I told her, she would have done better had she saved her air for breathing instead of talking the whole way. Didn’t help.  I was most surprised by how well Miss 2 1/2 handled the hill. Sister carried her a little while after we were up top, but I insisted that Big girl carrying her down the hill was not safe. Thankfully as quickly as she started carrying her, she sort of fell, rolled over onto the grass. No harm, no fowl, and big sis stopped trying to carry her.


My phone tracks my steps through out the day (which only really works if I always have my phone on my person, which I don’t; often I don’t even know where it is). On a good day, I hope it tracks around 3500 steps. Day before, when we took the hill, I had over that amount before noon. Go me!

Oh, and Miss too-little-to-skip-the-nap-but-often-tries-to-anyway went right down for a nap (brought to us by the trip out of town) and still slept well that night.  And, the kids! Boy, the kids loved it. Next time they want to bring the baby up too, in the stroller. Me thinks they want the stroller for possible rides themselves.  I might wear the baby and keep the stroller open for bigger kids and snacks. They want to bring a picnic up there.


The view, the view is stunning. This was worth the climb and I can’t wait to see it again on sunny days, snowy days, cloudy days, every day.

I’m going to include a few more pictures for posterity, and because it’s beautiful.

I hope to share more later, for now, you’ll have to just enjoy what I have here.



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