You can’t succeed if you don’t try.

July 23 and 24 (290) - CopyThat’s what my inner voice is saying now. We’ve moved away from the “did you die?” to encouragement. Well, that’s good. I’ve also decided to try running the flat land for a while so I can increase the amount of time I spend running to walking, and I did, today. I want to work on running the whole flat land path. It’s not long, not too long. I’ll probably try to go two blocks over, or to Bryant Avenue and give it just a wee bit more length, maybe.


So, I have added trying to climb Mount David once a week but have fallen off from that with being busy and rain. (I know, I’m an Oregonian, so why can’t I hack it? Sheesh! I have little kids too!)  It also helping me that I have a friend that has the same walking/exercise tracker in her phone and we like to compare our numbers each day. It’s fun. I’m starting to understand why people get those walking trackers that they can wear on their wrists.

Not much to report on the running (or pathetic attempt at running) front. Oh, except, does anyone have stretches that they recommend for the hamstring? I think I need to work on that one.

Night all! I have some sewing to do, dishes to wash and sleep to be had!





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