Fall Fitness and Getting ready for Soccer

Here we are again, I’m trying to start running again, now with my companions. I’ll have to fix the tires on the stroller to be able to bring all the kids along, but Jessica was able to run more than I could, which is impressive. I think I underestimated the way the wrong shoes affected Jessica when she was running. The old shoes were either too small or just fit poorly because the current shoes are working great for her and she never complained about her feet once.  She’s started up soccer again and I want her to have a fighting chance of doing a good job. I want her to make being fit more important in her life, to know what if feels like to be fit, to catch the bug now.  I don’t want her to end up here with me at 227 pounds and struggling to drop even 5 pounds. I know I can do it but it’s a hard change. Again.

I hold on to the “again” because it means that I haven’t stopped, that I’m still trying, still working at it. I thought the summer would make being active easier but instead I found myself hiding in the house from the heat. And probably feeling overwhelmed. screenshot_2016-09-14-12-31-281

We are also replacing the fence between us and the neighbor, which provides for more fitness opportunities. And it’s a good opportunity to get to know our new neighbors.

Ah, and Chris, Chris is recovering from surgery but today has been particularly rough for him. I am thankful that he stops talking when he’s short tempered and frustrated, which makes for a happier marriage, right? If we aren’t hurling insults at each other when we know that we are feeling grumpy, then we don’t heap hurt on resentment? It seems to work wonders for us. There is a lot I am learning from my love about love, about being patient, about not speaking quickly or in anger, about treating my spouse with all the love I wish to receive.  We ask for prayers through this healing process and we thank you for the prayers already sent up.

I am thankful that we invested in the new reclining chair for him. It was worth every penny as it helps him find a comfortable spot to sit while his muscles revolt in response to the surgery. But he will recover, he will feel better, and maybe together we can become more healthy, so that we can live a long life together.

Our baby is calling me to free him from his cage (or crib) and the kids all would like lunch. Have a blessed day!





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