Tumeric Tea and Late Nights

Stand by Me sings out from my phone. I’m grasping for calm, happy feelings. Yes, all 4 kids are securely behind their bedroom door, but, from the sounds escaping from their room, there isn’t any sleeping occurring in there.

So, I make tea, and wait, wait for the calm, wait for their daily hype and happiness to give way to the calm before (well, not before the storm) their sleep. I’m hoping.  I don’t want to rush my tea, for this may very well be the only hot cup of tea I drink a day, yet the allure of drinking hot tea is a bit too much for me, and I fear for my tongue. “Hot Tea. Hot Tea.” I sing to myself.

Turmeric Tea. It came in a sampler that I bought partly from intrigue, and partly because there was really good rebate on it. Since I was shopping with my four darling monsters  children at the time, I hadn’t looked closely to see that there were (insert trip to the kitchen to get tea box and a 5th stop in the kids’ room to deal with the non-cooperatives) 16 different tea bags in there. Not 4 of 4 different kids, but 16 distinct types of tea. Well, that’s a delightfully unexpected turn of the tea box. (Insert 6th trip into the bedroom)

I have given up on trying to do the dishes while I wait for them to be asleep because I can’t hear them from the kitchen and I just don’t know what trouble Little-Miss-Three is being in there, or if Mr. Baby is crawling on the top bunk again. I suppose I should be folding clothes or sorting socks, yet I am drawn to other things, like tea and typing.

Can you tell that I adore alliterations? Tepid tea or Hopeful Hefalumps Hop Happily? Never mind me. I’ve had to explain the blinking lights on my lap top to Mr. Very Five before sending him back to bed. I’ve already had to ask him to stop licking his fingers after wiping them on the walls, and to explain the “salty taste” is no doubt from his boogers that he previously wiped on the walls, and….would you please stop wiping boogers on the wall. And then he giggles and I sigh. (7th trip)

My tea is perfect temp. Now, this is the time to wear a fit bit or to carry my phone (that also tracks my movements) as I trudge back and forth between computer and bedroom. I’m pretty sure the cat just sampled my tea while I was attending to the offspring. No doubt Turmeric tea will also benefit him. He already scared the dickens out of me by jumping on the back of the rocker glider as I was sitting in it, putting an unexpected furry lump between me and the chair. Silly cat.

I know I sat down here for greater purposes than to describe my tea’s descent from piping hot to tepid warm, but, alas, my purpose evades me like motivate for the gym evades me come 5 a.m.. And today, my 2 o’clock walk was not, in light of early release and an eager child asking me how to use her weave wheel. (Trip 8: didn’t I see an add for children’s tranquilizers? It was on Facebook, it must be real, and safe.)

Now, my tongue need not fear the heat of my tea and I am starting to feel like sleep may be close for the inhabitants of The Kids’s Room. I hope. There are so many nights that I lose my motivation to get the one-last-chore done while I’m waiting for the kids to wind down.

I have dishes to do, and socks to sort, and maybe some crocheting to get done, by 10. We’ll see. I regret failing to get up for the gym this morning, and not getting a walk in, while looking forward to tomorrow, and 2 when I hope to walk again! (I heard that all booming in my head, with a little jauntiness to it.)

Well, I suppose I should slip away to the kitchen while the kids are quiet so I can get to two empty sinks, before I come back to sort socks. I’m hoping to watch Indian Jones, which I noticed are free to watch on Amazon Prime. Woo Hoo. I keep foolishly letting the kids watch movies with me “that I watched as a kid so they must be fine” only to find out that my parents had recorded the “edited for tv” version back in the 80’s. Boy was I surprised when I watch the original Red Dawn as an adult, at all the swearing in that movie! Glad I didn’t try that on the kids. There was the time I tried watching Willow with our then 4 year old, oldest daughter. We didn’t get very far. Oops . Bad mom moments.

And yet, she tells me that I’m the best mom she’s ever had. She’s a good kid. (I’m the only mom she’s ever had.)

To the dishes and beyond!


(The picture from this post is not the Turmeric Tea of tonight, but a cup from earlier, full of caffeine.)

I got the sinks cleaned out, but not all the counters cleared off, but I can’t win them all. I am rewarding myself with this lovely dish of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate mint crunch wonderfulness.


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