Finding Fitness Follow-up

Phew, we’ve made it this far. No, really, I didn’t know if I would make it this far. Honestly, I didn’t think I had it in me, but I knew I had to change or I would continue to feel worse and worse while weighing more and more. My foot hurts a lot too, which is another good motivator to keep moving.  Funny thing, but about 4 minutes into my runs, I can feel my calves loosen up and it will start to hurt less. I like that.

At first I was just taking the Friday a.m. class, but I started to think that wasn’t enough. Then I was trying to go Wednesday and Friday, but that wasn’t enough. Here, now, I try to go 3 days a week with a 5 days a week goal, 3 days with a run.  Mostly I just go 3 days a week and run one or all of those 3 days.  I didn’t run today, but I had also had a dull, sinus related headache since Wednesday, so I gave myself a pass. I made it to class on less than 5 hours of sleep and was feeling spunky, something I wouldn’t have expected.

So, let’s talk about my morning, internal voice. My internal voice while I’m getting dressed for the gym has gone from trying to talk me into giving up to grumbling about my failure to locate a pair of socks the night before as prep for the morning. And, when I do sleep in, I’m at a point where I can say to myself: “I was really tired. It’s okay.” and then just pick back up the next day.

While I haven’t noticed a difference in my weight yet, I do see minor changes in my body, especially my arms, and I feel so much better, overall. Just Monday, I was able to get almost 15 minutes of running in, at a speed of 5, rather than a speed of 4.5-4.7, at an incline of 2, because I’m not crazy. There is a guy who always has the incline as high up as I’ve ever seen it, that walks for at least an hour a day. That’s cray-cray! (I’m sure there is a method to his madness.)

Another big change from when I started going to the gym a few months ago, is that initially I would go to the gym and then tell myself that I had done my part. Now, I’ve found myself finding ways to fit in some of the exercises, that my sis has taught me in class, throughout the day. I love that. A lot.

New, to me, also, is having compiled a really good playlist for my treadmill time, featuring especially the song (by Sia) “The Greatest”, “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele, “Towards the Sun” by Rihanna, “Know Who You Are” from Moana and “Ill-M-I” by TobyMac. I can’t believe the difference I feel between the gym days without good music to now with great music.


I’ve had gym memberships before, but have always given up because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I would feel like it was futile and then quit. Not this time. This time, if it’s not a class day, I have a goal of 2 miles or 35 minutes on the treadmill, having run for at least 10 minutes of it. After that, it really depends on how much time I have available, and what I’m feeling I need. This week, my neck has been tense, my head fuzzy, and my arms have been numbing a lot, so I’ve taken the time to roll out my shoulders with the big exercise ball, and have used that to also help me roll out my lower back. Having someone at the gym to help me (like a trainer?) has been a huge, important difference. Aren’t I lucky to have a sister to tread the path ahead of me, making the way and learning everything I need to make my life better? Hee hee. I’m the youngest, so clearly, it’s all for me.

Looking forward—

I’m looking forward to including the kids more into my non-gym time fitness over the summer. I hope they can ride bikes along side of me, as I run our neighborhood. I’m hoping they get to a point where they want to run along side me. I hope that we can work together to become a healthier family. I believe we can.

I still have a long way to go; I still need much improvement. This fitness journey is more than physical fitness, this journey is about me learning to follow through, learning to change the areas in me that need to be changed. I long to get better at clearing the clutter from all areas that keep me from living my life to the fullest.

This song is wonderful. The video is different than I expected it to be, but I still really like this song.

That is all, for now. Thank you for the love and support.


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