On the Blog and into Real Life

I took the kids to an extended family birthday party last night. It was a good night to let them all run, because all my kids had brought their crazy to Friday. So, us adults are standing around watching the kids run, when one family member asks me what I’ve been up to. **Now, let… Continue reading On the Blog and into Real Life

Sundays are Tough

Sometimes they are down right terrible. When number 2 is all excited to be dropped off at Sunday school at Grandma’s church but becomes confused because his preschool is also located here and then becomes upset, when he also realizes that you are leaving him there to go drop sister off at our Church.  We… Continue reading Sundays are Tough

The Harsh Realities of Parenting…

Hit me harder than I expected them to.  All my life my one desire was to create a family and here was my family, little, fragile, and needy. It wasn’t all I expected. My little angel came a month early and ended up with jaundice that took us back to the hospital, she didn’t latch… Continue reading The Harsh Realities of Parenting…

Forty years in the desert.

When I was a kid in church, I would find myself wondering about those Israelites who couldn’t listen to God (through Moses) and kept wandering off into the desert. Stupid people, I would think. What was wrong with them? Couldn’t they just listen to God and follow his commands. Sheesh. Fast forward to adulthood and one… Continue reading Forty years in the desert.